By day, Ferasha works for a well-known and reasonably influential international organization whose goal is to bring about world peace (no joke), and she loves her job, no matter how tiring it can get. By night, she is the vice-president of the Sakurabana Association, where she's engaged on promoting Japanese pop-culture and other forms of contemporary geekery. She holds lectures on fandom phenomena, studies pop-culture and its history, and organizes conventions, of which the biggest one is Japanizam, Belgrade's main annual geeky event, where she hosts the main stage program. She's silly enough to believe there is a higher cause in building the geek community in Serbia, and that sometimes it does pay off to tilt at windmills.

Ferasha travels too much, takes pride in her clothing style, prefers dogs to cats, and enjoys silent movies - those creepy German ones in particular. She reads a lot of genre fiction (but not as much as she used to, alas), goes on uncontrolled fangirl sprees over anything concerning Neil Gaiman, and has a soft spot for 1970s shoujo manga. She dislikes parsley, despises corporate dress code, and rolls her eyes at happy endings - except in real life, of course.

Cosplay is her favorite hobby at the moment, and she is blessed to cooperate with many talented people on her costumes. She fancies impersonating villains those guys tend to have cooler personalities and a better fashion sense.

You can find her on Facebook here: ferashacosplay