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    If you follow my work, you know how obsessive I am with accurate character presentation. I'm not talking about costume accuracy - while I still consider it important, little tweaks are necessary here and there (for instance, my Morrigan's ballgown does not have the screen-accurate corset - instead of opting for that hip-length thing that can look well only on a pixel woman, I had mine tailored as an actual corset and I think it fits much better), and even original outfits can be acceptable (my Yuuko's kimono is designed by a friend, while Cersei's dress is a combination of several different gowns she wore).

    I'm talking about properly nailing the very nature of the character, of going through that wonderful process of transformation and adapting yourself to the role until you completely become someone else.

    Because for me, that is the biggest joy of this hobby.

    P.S. The idea for this album came from my mom - she tried to explain what is this hobby of mine to her friends, and understood the best way to do it is through comparisons of this kind. And Tenshi made one of these for herself as well - go ahead and check it out on her profile here on Althemy!

    All pics by Aleksandar Jovkovi?-Guru


    - Koujaki
    - Sephiroth
    - Yuuko
    - Morrigan DA:O
    - Morrigan DA:I
    - Poison Ivy
    - Griffith
    - Toshizou Hijikata

    - Death of the Endless
    - Jareth
    - Ragyo

    Wacky Cherry:
    - Nana Osaki

    Marija Morticia:
    - Cersei Lannister