• Description

    This is a project very dear to my heart. While the costumes may seem simple at first glance, this is all about character portrayal, and properly conveying the bittersweet friendship between two provincial girls living together in Tokyo.

    The best part is that it brought me closer to Wacky Cherry, who portrayed Nana "Hachi" Komatsu.

    Cherry's Althemy site is right here: http://wackycherry.althemy.com/

    Credits - Nana Osaki

    Makeup and styling by me, with gratuitous use of my old Goth wardrobe

    Costume made with joint efforts of Tenshi, who designed the Black Stones t-shirt print and borrowed me her skirt, and Ana&Marina, who helped out with the striped undershirt

    Nana Osaki ring donated by Sakura Shop: https://www.facebook.com/sakurashopserbia

    Credits - Nana Komatsu

    Wig styled and makeup by Wacky Cherry
    Styling and outfit by Sophie Ankoku of Ankoku Sisters https://www.facebook.com/AnkokuSisters
    Accessories by Ankoku Sisters and Ferasha

    Pics by Aleksandar Jovkovi?, edited by Wacky Cherry