• Description

    I'm not sharing any of my modelling gigs or fashion photoshoots here because I'm trying to keep this place cosplay only, but given that in these particular pictures I am pretending to be someone else, I thought it'd be appropriate to post them.

    These photographs are part of the project "GENESIS", an art fashion collaboration between designer Dragana Nikolajevi? and photographer Andrija Ran?i?: Dragana created this surreal dress of white gauze, optic fibers and LED lights, and Andrija captured it in this photoshoot inspired by Slavic water nymphs, the Rusalka, who live in the woods near rivers and creeks and mess with the mortals just for the fun of it. They wanted to include a model who'd convincingly pull off a nymph - translucently pale, ethereal, otherwordly and capable to appear inhuman - and after seeing some of my cosplay pics (Shiera Seastar in particular), Andrija contacted me.

    Physically speaking, it was one of the most demanding photoshoots I ever did: we were in the middle of the forest in the middle of the night, it was damp and cold, I got back cramps from balancing on the beam for hours, and I stepped on a snail barefoot. Several times. However, I think the results speak for themselves - Dragana's dress looks like foam and light and fireflies wrapped around my body, while Andrija really made me appear inhuman in pictures, masterfully catching the delicate Faerie mood. I never thought I could look like an Alan Lee illustration.

    I'm very happy that I was a part of this project!

    Pictues by Andrija Rancic Photography
    Dress by Dragana Nikolajevi?
    Makeup by Ivanov Ivana Make Up Artist