• Description

    The Duchess is an original character I portray at Le Bal des Abysses, a series of role-playing events taking place at Les Caves Saint Sabin, a dark and geeky nightclub in Paris run by friends of mine. The events are conceived as a mix of murder mystery, puzzle game, political intrigues between different factions and elaborate role-play, while it all looks like a lavish, somewhat decadent costumed ball. The Duchess is an NPC - an important political figure serving as the master of ceremonies at the ball, supervising that everything goes in proper order, and providing missions and puzzles to players. Being in her favvor can take you a long way in the game. Her full title is the Grand Duchess of the Abyss, niece to the Duke, Sovereign of the Eastern Empire.

    The event's story is always located in Paris, but the period setting of each installment changes - we had the Belle Epoque, the French Revolution, and now the Roaring 20's.

    Much to my dismay, due to some circumstances that were beyond my or my friends' control (because, f*ck you life. No, seriously, F*CK YOU!) I was not able to make my annual trip to Paris this year. However, the fabulous 20's outfit remains, ready to be worn when the opportunity presents itself.

    Styling by me, inspired by Clara Bow
    Outfit by Villena Viscaria
    Makeup by Ljubica Mirkovi?

    Photos by Guru
    Post-processing by Wacky Cherry and me